Getting involved in Progress Together

For organisations that operate within the financial services space, becoming a member brings wide-reaching internal benefits, while also raising your organisation’s visibility as a leading voice driving changes in diversity and inclusion across the industry.

Membership and support benefits

As a member:

UK financial services organisations are able to join Progress Together and commit to boosting socio-economic diversity at the top of their individual business and across the industry as a whole.

Members will receive:


  • Access to a community of peers – Senior leaders, D&I / HR professionals

  • A safe environment to share best practice

  • A calendar of workshops and speaker-based events where organisations can exchange ideas and support each other

  • Firm to firm mentoring with peers who are at a more advanced stage of the process


  • Progress Together will provide the tools to enable both internal and external advocacy

  • Public recognition of the progress being made by your organisation

  • Recognition for organisations that are working together, helping each other and being transparent about their experiences.


  • Detailed guidance on how to overcome barriers and insights into best practice

  • Toolkits to enable employers to drive change

  • Assessment tools including tips on improving data survey response rates and what data to collect. Guidance on measuring change and adhering to GDPR regulations

  • Access to research and signposting


  • Initial assessment and annual report on progress

In return, Members must commit to the following actions:


  • Commit to capture data on workforce socio-economic background (including progression and retention). Seek to improve the level of data captured each year

  • Submit aggregate, anonymous workforce socio-economic background data to allow for industry benchmarking

  • Complete a confidential annual assessment in order to measure progress


  • Publicly advocate for improving socio-economic diversity at a senior level, representing the membership body and its aims by speaking at events about best practice/challenges/ benefits

  • Promote activity on company website

  • Provide one case study each year with success stories, challenges faced and key learnings. This will be included in a toolkit showcasing best practice to new members


  • Quarterly meeting with a fellow member who is at a less advanced stage in their journey to socio-economic diversity at senior levels. Share tips to overcoming barriers in a confidential setting.

  • Participate in workshops and share ideas for content and further development of the membership body.


  • One member of the senior executive team pledges to be an ‘active’ member of the body – including attending quarterly meetings.

  • Board level ‘sign off’ when it comes to membership

Membership fees:

There is an annual fee, dependent on the number of employees within UK and Ireland:

  • 0-250 employees – £2,500 + VAT
  • 251-1000 employees – £5,000 + VAT
  • 1001+ employees – £10,000 + VAT
Any questions on becoming a member?